Randy Hudson and Andy Kinne are the duo behind Hudson - Kinne Songworks.  The two have known each other for almost fifty years. Each are accomplished songwriters in their own right and have enjoyed blending their talents off an on over the years. Their friendship dates back to 1970, when they met as switchmen at the old Missouri Pacific Railroad. In 1978, they wrote a song entitled, "Winter Thoughts", and, at the urging of Andy's wife, Linda, entered it into a national songwriting competition.  To their surprise, it finished fourth out of over thirty-thousand entries! They knew then that they shared a special creative connection.  Though their paths have travelled many musical avenues over the years, that connection always remained.  In 2013, they came together collaboratively again to work on original works in pursuit of that ever elusive "perfect song."

Below is information about their musical beginnings:

Andy:  "I was born in Goodrich, Texas.  My interest in music began when I was around ten.  I loved listening to my Uncle Robert play his guitar.  He'd let me tinker with it and eventually showed me some chords to practice on.  Many of my relatives played instruments and they'd all get together at family gatherings and pick.  This was the beginning of my lifelong love.  My family moved to Independence, Missouri in the early sixties,  My dad bought me an accordion because he liked Lawrence Welk.  I got to be pretty good on it, but playing guitar was my dream.  Besides, the guitar was just a lot cooler.  I bought a Silvertone electric at Sears with the help of my folks.  I've never laid a guitar down since.  I became friends with some guys from school who also played.  We started a band call the Bel Airs and played throughout high school and later as professionals around the Kansas City, Missouri area.  I'm still in a band today."   To learn more about Andy's band, go to

Randy:  "I grew up in the Kansas City, Missouri area.  Writing has always been my thing.  I wrote my first poem in the sixth grade with the help of my Grandma Parker.  It wasn't very good but it rhymed.  When I got to high school in the mid-sixties, the social upheaval of the time captured my attention.  Bob Dylan and others were shaping the consciousness of my generation.  I started writing poetry to express my feelings about these issues and dreamed of hearing my words set to music.  So one day at work in 1978, I asked Andy to take a look at some of my writings.  He told me all I needed was to learn a few chords and my poems would be transformed into songs and that he'd show me how.  That conversation changed my life.  I've been writing and performing my songs ever since.  I've dabbled with journalism, short stories, script writing, and poetry; but, as a lyricist, I found my niche.  In Hudson - Kinne Songworks, I'm more the word man and Andy is more the musician.  But not always.  We share our talents and ideas freely and have a great time doing it."

Brad Kinne, Andy's son, handles the engineering during recording sessions.  He fills several critical functions that help make the whole thing tick.  He is an accomplished, award winning vocalist and lends his voice to many of the musical arrangements.  He also uses his experience as a performer and arranger to give a fresh approach to creative directions.  Most importantly, he keeps sessions moving forward when the old folks get bogged down in storytelling...and sipping some good Irish whiskey. Brad works his magic in the "Safe Room Studio" using the state of the art Presonus One Professional (DAW) system.

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Safe Room Recording studio

Safe Room Recording studio